Essential Vision

We always look to see what is essential for our customers. That is why we want to be at the top, as a market leader, provinding the best experience of connecting with nature, inspiring a healthy lifestyle and producing the very best for our customers.

Make Everyone Happy is our Mission

What is being happy if not being healthy and in balance with nature? The mission to create healthy and high quality products that satisfy our customers, suppliers, employees, community and environment is what drives Doce Vida.

Natural Force

Offering products that connect consumers to nature, in their own way, at their pace and anywhere, is what moves us! Always investing in Quality, Technology, Research, Logistics, Training of teams, Standardization of processes and Marketing strategies.

Controlled Origin, Safe Processes, Guaranteed Quality

Knowing the origin is fundamental, that is why we know very well where all the raw material we use in our products come from.

The pasteurization processes, good manufacturing practices and Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) are means we use to guarantee the food safety of 100% of Doce Vida’s products. We are also audited by the following agencies: FDA (Food And Drug Administration, Intertek and WQS.

Our Headquarters